Apr 25, 2009

Backstage portraits

Usually the backstage portraits shows how models behave during the no show time or make-up and hair styling period. They read, laugh, chat, making funny gestures etc.
I am a huge fans for the backstage photoshots, but seldom see the following close-ups.
Behind every face there is a story. Behind every expression, there hides strong emotion.

photo by Tiago Lima

If we compared the stage to the heaven, models are the lonely angles and the messagers for the fashion designers. They looks glamour and gorgeous but seldom could anyone captures their real inner world below their fabulous appearance.

I saw a video about the training of a supermodel. It shocked me actually. The cruel exercies really killed these young girls. I can totally feel that from the screen. But the long established rule of fashion could not moved, that is beauty is painful.

I prefer the backstage and street shots of these models, simply cuz they looks more real.

In the T-stage, they are actors performing their duties. Off-duty, they are just being themselves.

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