May 4, 2009

The Beautiful Life

In fashion TV programs, we have Sex and the city, Uggly Betty, in Real Show, we have Stylista, Project Runway and recent Running in Heels. All these tv series satisfy the curiocity from the audiences. What is the fashion industry like? Why these people look so glamarous? It's no doubt that these programs to some extend provide answers. No matter whether they are truely reflects the fashion world or not, they have already more or less influenced people's lifestyle and fashion style.

The O.C is the very first TV series about young American life I watched. Mischa Burton and Rachel Bilson leave an fantastic impression on me. They always look gorgeous in streetsnaps and other activites like movie promotion and various awards.

CW has lauched a new TV series recently after a long peirod of the absence of fashion TV series. The Beautiful Life has an amazing cast. To be suprise, former supermodel Elle Macpherson will play a role there. And Mischa Burton will act as a model. It seems like Marisa Cooper is back! | edited by Miss Y

Elegant Chanel Tops in Mischa. It looks much more rock n'roll.

Christian Dior Polka dots skirt. She looks so lovely and lively. And a hot denim jacket makes her look quite edgy.

Dolce&Gabana Tube Dress. With her cage shoes, she looks so tall and thin.

This one takes me back to the past Mischa life. She used to dress like that. Red sweater,high waist jeans, flat shoes, a little hat, and Ray-Ban sunglasses. Kinda vintage.

LV, LV. Her legging rocks! I love that sparkle green. With that biker jacket, she looks trashy and punk.

I'm expecting this tv series, cannot wait to see it!!!

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