May 7, 2009

[Interview]Elenita's Black and White World

photo credit:Elenita.F

Elenita, a Norwegian, fasinated about fashion, fashion and fashion. She began her blog trip cuz a occastional opporturnity.

Dress code:simple, basically black and white, kinda boyish.

What is captivating is her magical power to recycle the outfits and easily mix and match them to be something totally new and edgy.

The following is my interview.

Y=Miss Y,E=Elenita

Y:Hi, Elenita, It's so great to chat with you here. So are you still a student in university?

E:I think, I'm not sure what it is named after the norwegian system.

I am still on my ground education, the one you have before you specify for an occupation.

so Im still doing the math, english, history..

Y:I see, then what kind of major will you choose after your ground education?

E:after that I'm thinking about journalism. That's the plan so far. At least I want to do something creative for a living

Y:I read your blog profile, you wanna work for magazine? a fashion magazine?

E:Yes, that would be a lot of fun as my interest for fashion has grown so much the last year

Y:So tell me what fashion magazine attracts you most?

E:what attracts me is that there is so much creativity going on. Fashion is a way of expressing yourself

like art, music... And I really love to write. what is better than writing about something you're really interested in, right?

Y:I'm sure you keeping blogs will do you great helps. Doing something you really feel passionate really matters. well, do you have any style icon?

E:Hmm.. I don't really have a spesific style icon. I tend to get inspired by many different people and different styles

It all depends on what they're wearing

Y:Where do you usually shop your closet?

E: I really wish we had Topshop in Norway though.I shop mostly at H&M. I'm on a budget so I don't have very expensive clothing habits. what is so inspiring about most fashion blogs. That they are common people just like you and me and can't afford purchasing new things all the time

Y:I saw you won an award, tell me something about it.

E:Yes, I won an award as the best fashionblogger in Norway. It was a contest held by MSN and Costume. Costume is a Norwegian magazine.

Here in Norway we haven't had much focus on it.

Sweden is waaay ahead of us

Y:Back to the fashion magazine, what do you usually read?

E:I am not one of those who spend a lot of money on magazines. The only one I follow is Costume.

The internet provides us with so much good read nowadays so I read mostly there.

Y:What kind of change does this blog bring to you?

E:I've been struggling with an illness named CFS/ME fatigue syndrome.

I created it while I was sick so it gave me a lot of strength and joy to carry on. Especially my readers.I have learned a lot through this time that I've been sick and matured a lot. I have gained a lot of strength and evolved on a personal level. The blog would not have been there if it wasn't for the ME so something good turned out of it

Y:When God close a door, he opens a window for you.

E: Yes, it is.One thing is certain. my style is nothing like it used to be.I have developed a lot when it comes to that.besides I think it is a great way of expressing yourself. Through clothes I've always liked to use my creative skills so I have a lot of fun dressing.

I first got interested in fashion when I started blogging so my illness brought to me a new interest. Fashion has not been a thing that have followed me through my life. It is something that first appeared about a year ago which I am very glad for.

Y:I have the feeling that when you find something really interesting, it's like you find the guideline of life again. Last question, what do you think it's the most fashionable thing at present?


I need to think a little...DIY projects.

People out there are so creative and creates a lot of exciting things.It is really inspirating.

and as the economy has a low-point right now I think DIY will be important in the following time

to create things on your own and change what you allready have

I have a lot of DIY projects in mind, but at the moment I dont have the time to do them

but I have a lot of dresses I want to shorten, and I want to shred a shirt

Y:then hope soon we'll see a lot of your work showing in you blog

She is a very easygoing girl who possesses an excellent communicative skills. In her, I found a kind of perseverance and toughness. Always being creative as she, she has her own fashion philosophy.

Fashion is not about price or money, it's about a creative style.

And someone is the one that really born to have taste of fashon.

Elenita's blog:
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