May 13, 2009

[Interview] Wing's Free Vintage World

photo credit:Wing

Wing is a freelance in Shanghai who love to post her snaps in her blog. Always with a big smile, she lives quite carefreely. Just as her name on the MSN-wingfree, she yearns for life of freedom and dreams.

Her style varies, sometimes vintage, sometimes high fashion and sometimes kinda Japanese. What's notable is that clothes bring her so much fun.

For the readers, watching these beautiful photos and reading her life story are a pleasant journey.

The following is the interview

Y=Miss Y W=Wing


Y:Are you still a student?

W:I've received my BA degree. Now I am running a taobao shop and on the other hand learning something I'm interested in, such as drawing, designing and stuff.

Y:Then what was your major in your campus years?

W:Management. Governmental management sort of thing. It has nothing related to the designing stuff ha.Despite of some plans to study professional design for woman's wear, I still think the domestic education on clothes design is really commercial. So I prefer learning drawing and some creative projects.

Y:Well, I must call you the freelance. When did you start to post your snaps?

W:I kept the entries in ealier days,mainly on the life. For the streetsnaps, I just took them recently.

Y:Why you call yourself big girl?

W:Cuz big girl is a former blogname. It's Eason Chen's song for his daughter which I adore so much. And also I wanna expand my internet business.


Y:When did you start to notice FASHION?

W:When I still have no idea about the two words Fashion. My grandpa is a malitary clothes designer. When I was little, I have the opportunities to see a lot of things about tailoring.

Y:What kind of magazine do you usually read?

W:VOGUE ,little thing, and kinda expecting luna. But havent found it yet.

Y:What is your favorite item in your closet?

W:knee-high skirt,one-piece dress,waist-height dress. In sum, dress!

Y:When shopping, do you pay special attention to some brands?

W:IT ,ZARA ,HM. If possible, I would go and see CHANEL regularly.


Y:Who shots you everyday?

W:Mostly my boyfriend

Y:What kind of change does keeping blog bring you?

W:Nothing. Cuz I am keen on dressing up. But something changes in my bf. He's falling in love with photoshooting.


Y:When did you open that shop?

W:Firstly, I just want to sell something I abandon before the graduation. Meanwhile I sell the accessories I designed. Later, it becomes my main business. This summer, there would be much more necklaces and other accessories of my own brand.

Y:What is your item source?

W:It attributes much to my discovery in my campus years. I found a lot of professional shops for exportation.

Y:Any big goal so far?

W:We would like to set up business relations with other companies. In addition, we are eager to make our own brand items. To be honest, I also wanna make magazine.

Y:What do you think is the most fashionable thing or word right now?

W:Zhou Libo.If it should be connected to fashion, I would say my shop rocks.

Y:At last, why not briefly summarise your style?

W:Intersting, girly, vintage, boyish, and kinda pretend to be haute.



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